The Front Door, inside.

 Inside of the Front Door, pre-restoration. There are so many layers of paint on this door that it cannot be simply repainted and end up looking good. Time to strip off the old paint.

 Closeup of inside of the Front Door, pre-restoration.

The Front Door, outside

 Outside of the Front Door, pre-restoration. There are two colors visible, dark and light.

 The paint is peeling up on the outside of the front door, revealing a yellow or gold color underneath.

The Front Door, in the workshop.

The front door off its hinges and on a table in the workshop.

The door hardware, which will be needing a cleaning and oiling.

The first layer of paint.

Starting with a micro chisel the first layeof paint is coming up easily.

The original wood of the front door is revealed when the ornate lock and doornob plate is removed.

Taking off the paint, getting serious.

There are at least four layers of paint on this door, all but the first layer are very stubborn about coming off. Time for the chemical paint stripper, which nothing can resist. Two and three layers are off, forth layer and wood showing.

This is just on the inside of the door, the last layers are yielding to the chemicals and the scraping. The top of the door has never been painted, but the edges and the front remain to be done.

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