There was a big unanticipated problem with the garage. Inside temperature was 5 to 12 degrees higher than the outside temperature. An 85 degree day was 90 inside the garage. When the temp got to 98 degrees outside, the garage was a toasty 110 degrees inside! Even night time offered no relief, the roof maintained its heat throughout the night.
The garage is an oven, what can be done?

 Summer heat makes oven in garage.

 Reflective elastomeric white paint is the cure.

The roof painting begins.

 Day 3. Starting early, the heat soon drives me off roof.

 Day 5.

 Day 6. East Roof is finished!

 Day 8.

 Day 10.

 Day 11.
Nice white reflective roof beats the heat.

 Day 14.

 Day 16. Finished-Huzzah!

With the completion of the roof painting, the garage now stays at outside temperature.

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