Backyard clean up.
The Backyard: July 2015 The better backyard: August 2015

Yards, clearing up and cleaning up.
Same angle as first picture: August 2015 Cindy's Dragonfruit plant, getting tall!

Back yard trees overgrown, collapsed fence removal.

The starting point, the wild forest.

Some of the oak tree branches cut back, starting to remove the collapsed fencing.

Once there was a gate, now part of the oak tree.

The old gate has branches from the oak tree growing through, it is stuck to the tree.
Here is a close up of the tree actually growing around the gate wire mesh, some of the gate is inside the tree.

Oak tree becoming more civilized and startup tomatoes.

With the gate removed, the wild oak is trimmed and tamed.

This is our startup garden, tomatoes, sage and rosemary.

Front yard on the west side.

Front yard on east side and tomatoes under attack!

Getting ready for the leaves of autumn. Late August 2015.

Our tomato plants came under devastating attack, first from spider mites and then from white flies.

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