Work on the lemon tree and surrounding grounds in early October.
This is the lemon tree after clearing away the mass of lower branches. This is early in October, the grounds have been cleared at this point to the line between the oak tree and the dark board in the fence. The yard waste bin is full for this time period.

Some red wire was used on the lemon tree for an unknown purpose and was left in place. The wire strangled the right branch and most of it has died. The tree has actually grown around the wire on the left side.

Better views of the lemon tree trunk.
The bark of the tree was only partially successful at bridging the gap formed by the choking wire. Only some small parts of this entire branch are now capable of new growth, over 80% of the branch is dead wood.

Here you can see how little green is on that right side branch. After the lemons that are growing have ripened I will trim back this tree so it can have a healthier stature.

Yard work in later October.
With the yard waste bin empty now, it was time to fill it again. A good start was made by clearing the grounds under the trees to a new mark even with the short fence.

The front yard is also getting a routine leaf raking at this time of year. This is around the 20th of October.

Yard work, end of October.
With the bins empty again, more of the ground under the trees have been cleared. The Black Walnut tree between the White Oak tree and the Orange tree now has some of its low hanging branches cut back.

Ground was cleared to a point just past the twin trunks of the Black Walnut tree, now the waste bins are full again. I think the tree might be too young to produce walnuts yet, but my research does call it a walnut tree even though I still have my doubts. I don't want to trim the orange tree until its fruits have ripened. It is a complex tree which will need careful trimming to bring it into shape.


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