Big time cleaning for the cabinets above the stove.
In the beginning it looked simple enough, yet the cabinets would not wipe clean in a simple manner. There is a grease buildup which blended with mess left behind by the insect pests, requiring up to three hours of hard scrubbing per cabinet. In this picture all cabinet s have been scrubed except the one on the right. This is the left side cabinet after scrubbing clean the exterior and interior, but not the underside where there is the heaviest grease buildup.

The Ghastly Mess!
This right side cabinet has since been scrubbed clean, hoever here it is shown before the scrubbing. There is heavy grease apparent at the lower left corner traveling up. This cabinet also had a old honey spill that had to be chiseled out from the inside bottom. The right side cabinet door with the hardware removed for cleaning. All the doors had to be removed, with all hardware removed from the doors so that each part could be cleaned individually. There is no way this could be a simple cleaning job, to do it correctly required a complete overhaul.

All the hardware is individually cleaned.
This is the hardware from one door, there is grease and roach droppings on every part including the screws. All will be scrubbed and it was not a fast process by any means, look at the grease buildup on that handle! Here is a comparison between the dirty hardware and the freshly cleaned. The dirty handle is mostly black while the clean handle is looking bright and brassy!

The cleaning continues . . .
A cleaned door with scrubbed hardware remounted next to a dirty door for comarison. These are the doors and shelves that have been cleaned thus far. This is an ongoing project with the goal of remounting a cleaned up fan hood onto its repaired and clean cabinet support brackets. The hood dropped because the support bracket mounting screws simply ripped out of the wood they were mounted to. The support brackets will be remounted in a manner that will support the weight of the hood and that will solve this particular prolem. Stay tuned for updates!


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