Bringing the backyard under control.
The generous rains of December and January seems to have germinated every seed in the dirt of the backyard. This is by far the most prolific growth on any part of the grounds. The warm weather that came in February after the rains was a welcome break, but it also brought on the Green Riot!

It took several sessions with the line trimmer and rake to bring the growth under control.

More progress in the backyard.
Just look at how tall the grass grew in just a few weeks!

Almost up to the house.

The backyard once again looks civilized.
Looking toward the house, what a difference!

The grass in the backyard has been cut twice in February. Within 10 days of this picture the grass was getting wild again and was cut a second time.

The Front Yard.
The wild growth was also in the front yard though not quite a high as the back yard. The vegetation is really wet when cut and was quite heavy. The yard waste bin has never been so hard to move!

View of the front yard looking west late in February after the second cutting.

The Front and Side Yard.
The front yard looking east after the second trimming in late February.

The side yard has also been trimmed twice in February.


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