The Lemon Tree as it was before trimming.
This is in early October when the trees all still had their leaves.

Without the leaves and with bright yellow lemons highlighting the canopy, this picture shows quite well the span of this tree. On the right side the tree needs to be cleared back enough to allow a ladder to be put up against the house without snagging branches. On the left side the branches are pushing through the lattice and are hanging far over into the next door lot, that situation must be remedied.

The Lemon Tree branch removal.
The lower right dead branch is cut away. The thorns were expected, however the densly grown brambly thicket nature of this tree is a surprise. The branches must be cut to mulch size for disposal.

The next limb up on the right side has now been removed

The final tree trim and a pile of brambly branches to mulch.
Both sides of the tree have been cut back to clear both the house and the fence. It may look tiny compared to what it was, yet there are fifty plus lemons still on the remaining tree limbs.

The pile of branches cut off the lemon tree and the lemons gathered from the cut limbs. Almost half of this pile is dead branches, The roots can now support the tree better since the excess burden of limbs has been removed. The pile of branches will have to be reduced by cutting them into small fragments for disposal.


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