The Orange Tree trimming under way.
The over grown orange tree hangs almost to the ground and blocks access to the last corner of the backyard. This trimming job was started on Feb 25, 2016. The first two big limbs have been cut off. There is new growth coming out of every branch, all of which will need to be cut. Now the trimming will proceed on the side facing the fence.

The Orange Tree branches removed.
The trimming is all done now with all the leafy branches down low cut off. The tree has been tamed! This is the huge pile of branches cut from the orange tree. It will take a couple of weeks to reduce this pile to disposable size, along with the branches from the lemon tree and one branch from the walnut tree.

The path is now open!
This is how it looks now facing the south west corner of the back yard. All areas of the yard are now accessable without having to go over or under something. A clear path on the ground and all the back yard trees are ready for the upcoming growing season.


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