Before and after, the hood bottom.
The stove hood before the cleaning has started. The plastic front face and knobs are removed for separate cleaning.

Before and after, the top of the hood.
The top of the hood has the fan vent and the wood mounting rails that will be removed for separate treatment. The top of the hood is cleaned with all the extra parts removed so not dirt is left behind.

The plastic front face and control knobs.
The knobs and plastic face as they were before being disassembled. The knobs and plastic face after their removal and cleaning.

Finished knob and new wood mounting rails.
The plastic face reinstalled on the hood front surface and the clean knobs back in their proper place. New set of wood mounting rails is being constructed here.

Overhauled hood is ready to be remounted.
The new wood mounting rails are attached and the cleaned up fan vent reinstalled. The electrical wiring now has a detachable plug installed so that when the hood needs to be removed in the future there will be no loose wires or need to turn off the circuit breaker.

Almost ready!
The cleaned up sheet metal wiring cover is reattached with its mounting screws. The newly restored hood as seen from the bottom.

The stove hood is back in operation!
Front view shows no gap now between the hood and the cabinet. Looking extra spiffy!


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