More screws into the wall planks around the window.

Looking at the right side of the window, I've aligned the planks on their left against the vertical 4" x 4" frame and installed screws for as high as can be reached on my step ladder. Moved over to the left side of the window and started reattaching the planks to the 4" x 4" vertical frame behind them.

Looking up with all but the highest planks reattached with screws. Was able to reach a bit higher than the right side by using the water heater alcove wall for support. Look at the lowest plank and there is a round black hole, this is where a longer screw was required which was black instead of shiny metal. An early autumn storm is coming so the window and surrounding area was covered in plastic. I don't want the wood planks in the working area to get too wet, nor do I want the window framing wood to get wet.

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